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Mazzo di Valtellina (mt. 552)

Who likes to spend a holiday immersed in nature and art will not be disappointed in the village of Mazzo di Valtellina, rich in works of art and noble palaces which predominates in the style of the'500.
A taste of the history of Media Valtellina that makes it all the reason why the town over the centuries: Mazzo is mentioned in documents of the ninth century and was the capital of one of the oldest churches in the Valtellina.
The silence that reigns in the country is sweet company for a visit to the country's major churches, the ancient House Lavizzari, Quadrio Palace and the Tower of Pedenale (now used for private home) and help you climb up the Mortirolo, the wide expanse Green at 1851 meters peaks dominated by almost 3000.
In summer the cows to pasture render glory to the agricultural past still flourishing and unforgettable hiking trails allow for the whole family.
In the valley, you can take the bike path, in flat area.
Do the summer festivals that pay homage to the gastronomic tradition of the area.